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Garage door weather stripping is an essential part of your garage no matter the climate you’re in. Weather seals are rubber strips that run the length of your garage door and create a seal on the threshold of your garage between the bottom of the door and the ground. It keeps water from pooling into your garage when it rains or snows, and it stops critters from crawling into your garage, where they can get into your storage items, your car or your home. It also keeps your garage floor cleaner by keeping out dust and dirt. Plus, it makes your garage airtight against hot and cold air, which can go a long way in keeping your garage door system functioning through the winter months. A working weather seal may even make a difference on your electricity bill, especially if you’re heating your garage throughout the winter. 

Has Your Garage Door Weather Stripping Worn Down? 

Since weather seals are exposed to the elements and are pressed against the ground each time the garage door closes, they’re highly vulnerable to wear and tear. If you notice water leaks on the floor of your garage, if dirt gets blown in or if your garage gets exceptionally cold in the winter months, it’s a good idea to inspect the condition of your weather stripping. If the rubber is cracked or porous, or if it’s falling off the garage door, you’ll want to replace it.

Replacing garage door weather stripping is affordable, and much more effective than trying to patch holes or glue pieces together. However, it’s a hassle trying to install it on your own. The task isn’t self-explanatory, especially considering there are so many different parts to weather stripping on a garage door, such as retainers, inserts, and seals.

Getting Your Weather Seal Replaced

At iQ Garage Doors, we’re able to offer you the best prices on top-brand garage door weather stripping, and we’ll install the product for you. We have the tools needed to remove the old weather stripping and make sure the new product is set up to last.